Turku Region Water Ltd.

Turku Region Water Ltd.

Turku Region Water Ltd. is a wholesale water company owned by nine local towns


Naturally pure artificially infiltrated groundwater

Potable water is produced by infiltrating pre-treated river water into the esker aquifer.

Pre-treatment of raw water

From the raw water intake the water is pumped to the pre-treatment facility. The water treatment process consists of three phases; sieving, dissolved air flotation and sand filtering. Pre-treated water is then pumped to Virttaankangas aquifer area via 30 km pipeline.

Natural quality improvement through infiltration

The natural processes improve the quality of the infiltrated water during the flow in the aquifer. The residence time of the water within the esker is about three months. Potable groundwater is then pumped for consumption from the aquifer through thirteen production wells.

Raw water intake

The raw water for the artificial recharge facility comes from the river Kokemäenjoki. The physical, chemical and microbiological qualities of the raw water are closely monitored.

Water storage and distribution

In Turku the water is stored in Saramäki underground reservoir. Built into solid bedrock, the cool reservoir keeps the water clean and protected from outside conditions. Drinking water is then distributed to consumers by pumping the water to the partner towns’ networks.

Transportation of the water

Potable water is pumped from the production wells into high water reservoir, from which it gravitationally flows through two 60 km long pipelines to water reservoirs in Turku and Lieto. The larger pipeline is equipped with a turbine that regulates the flow and provides electrical energy.

Esker aquifer recharge

The pre-treated water is infiltrated into the Virttaankangas esker aquifer through 19 infiltration basins. The infiltration basins cover the total area of 2,4 hectares.

The journey of water from river Kokemäenjoki to Turku area

Kokemäeltä Turkuun

Better water for Turku region

Turku Region Water Ltd.

Turku Region Water Ltd. is a wholesale water company providing drinking water for the nine Turku region towns. The company has been responsible for planning and developing of water distribution in the Turku region for over 40 years.

Turku Region Water has chosen the managed aquifer recharge method to secure the water production in the region. Nowadays the company is the second largest water producer in Finland and delivers annually over 23 million cubic meters of water to ca. 300 000 customers.

Water quality parameters

Basic parameters of the water distributed by Turku Region Water Ltd. 


water quality table 2019 (PDF, in Finnish)

Ecological water production

Turku Region Water Ltd. produces artificially recharged groundwater which is purified by natural methods. The purification process of the artificially recharged groundwater is similar to the formation of natural groundwater, but the process is controlled and optimized. The pre-treated water is infiltrated into the esker, after which it flows in the aquifer for three months.

The produced groundwater is pumped and transferred to consumers via a pipeline. At the end of the pipeline there's a turbine that generates a part of the electricity used in the production process.

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Contact information

Turku Region Water Ltd.

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