Zero emission energy from the flow of the water – the turbine of Turku Region Water produces energy for water distribution


Turku Region Water produces zero emission energy from the flowing water. The artificially infiltrated groundwater produced by the company is pipelined by gravitation from the managed aquifer recharge plant into underground reservoirs in the Turku area.  The turbine that slows down the flow of clean drinking water produces the majority of the electricity needed for the UV-disinfection and pumping process from the Saramäki reservoirs to consumers.

-This solution saves a great amount in our energy supply. The turbines power is 200-250 kW and the water flows 24/7. The energy produced by the turbine can be compared to the energy needed for 100 houses of 4 persons households or 1000 flats of two persons households, describes Turku Region Water’s CEO Aki Artimo.

– The power of the turbine produces enough energy to maintain the pumping pressure to the cities of Turku, Naantali and Raisio. The UV-disinfection system, which was added to Saramäki bedrock reservoirs a few years ago, increased the demand of energy and the turbine doesn’t quite cover all the energy needs for the activity in the reservoirs, Artimo continues.

Energy efficiency is an important value

According to Artimo sustainability and developement of  energy efficiency is part of the strategy and values of Turku Region Water:

-We ensure a sustainable and ecological water production and delivery. In addition, our production capacity can respond to a bigger demand in the future.  The production of artificially recharged groundwater requires only a tiny fraction of the chemicals used in traditional drinking water facilities and it enhances the natural yield of groundwater without any negative impact on water quality or the natural flow of ground and surface water.

Follow the long journey of water to the consumers. 

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